Three Ways We Assist You

When your company has a mission-critical vacancy to fill, you need to be able to find the right candidate right away. For many employers, the best way to meet that requirement is to work with a recruitment partner that has a track record of expertise, experience and rapid execution. America on Demand is just such a partner.

At America on Demand, we view our partnerships as a commitment to recruiting excellence, integrity and customer satisfaction. We will take the time to get to know your organization and its unique attributes. We will apply the most advanced and effective sourcing methods to find the ideal individual who fits your specific requirement. And then, we will offer you three different ways to bring that talent into your organization.

1. Supported Work: A Way to "Try Before You Buy"
Imagine having the opportunity to "test drive" a prospective employee before making a full-time payroll commitment. Under America on Demand's unique Supported Work service, our candidate works for you on a trial basis for an indefinite period of time. America on Demand supports the new employee in their transition into your organization and monitors their performance to ensure your full satisfaction. Just as important, the candidate is initially on America on Demand's payroll, so we will cover all of your administrative costs (including city and state taxes, unemployment insurance, and fringe benefits). After the trial period, the candidate goes directly on your payroll. (Depending how long the employee is on our payroll there may not be a nominal transfer fee.)

2. Contingency-Based Permanent Placement: A Way to Eliminate Risk
America on Demand offers traditional contingency-based recruiting services with the normal 30/60 or 30/90 bill terms and the best guarantee in the recruiting business. After conducting a thorough search to find the best job candidate with the right skill set for your opening and organization, America on Demand makes finalizing the placement as painless as possible. If you cannot pay the entire fee at the time of hire, we will set up a payment plan with reasonable terms and interest so that you can get the talent you need onboard without delay. In addition, if the candidate's employment with your firm terminates for any reason within established agreement period, we will do our best to find a suitable replacement.

3. Contract Placement: A Way to Get the Right Talent
In difficult times as well as periods of rapid growth, it's often prudent to organize and execute work on a project basis. This approach avoids the significant investment required to hire a person on a full time basis yet ensures that important tasks are still accomplished in a timely fashion. To meet this requirement, America on Demand provides companies with talented contract workers in virtually all professions, crafts and trades. These individuals work in your facility, shoulder-to-shoulder with your employees, but they are on the America on Demand's payroll. It's a flexible and efficient way to acquire the talent you need to keep your organization moving forward.

It's Time to Take Action!

Now that you know America on Demand and our services, give us a try. Call America on Demand today. We stand ready to partner with you.

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America on Demand is committed to equal opportunity and affirmative action so draws its job candidates from a diverse variety of sources to ensure you have the most talented workforce possible.